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Video - Blue Highways

A song inspired by the book of the same name,

book by William Least Heat-Moon.

A Collection of Songs

Kate MacLeod


This songbook contains over 50 songs

composed by songwriter Kate MacLeod.

It features songs from her last two full-length recordings "Blooming," produced by Tim O'Brien,

and "At Ken Sanders Rare Books,"

a collection of songs inspired by books. It also

includes songs regularly sung by others, special requests, and her personal favorites. It contains melody notation, chords, lyrics, a few short descriptions of the song sources, and some archival photos. Originally from the Washington DC area, Kate resides in Salt Lake City, UT. Her songs have been recorded and sung by other artists from California to the Czech Republic.

2016. 100pp. Paperback with silver spiral binding. ISBN 9780942688863. $25


Starlight on the Rails, and Other Songs

U. Utah Phillips


This is a wonderful songbook with a generous amount of biographical information about the songwriter. It contains melody notation, chords, and lyrics, of songs composed by the unique and treasured folksinger U. Utah Phillips, sometimes referred to as  "The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest." Also Included are many song introductions transcribed from his live concerts. This book was organized by Utah Phillips' son Duncan Phillips, and without a doubt is the most authentic collection of songs and information on the life's work of this songwriter, storyteller, and politicized folk singer.

2011. 244pp. Paperback with black spiral binding. ISBN 9780942688931. $30

6-Minute interview with Utah Phillips

on "Making a Living and Not a Killing."

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