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The Monkey Wrench Gang ~ Edward Abbey


This classic book is illustrated with a dozen full-page illustrations and 30 chapter head illustrations by legendary sixties underground comix illustration and American icon, R. Crumb. It includes a colorful R. Crumb dust jacket and a full page photograph of Edward Abbey and R. Crumb in Arches National Park. The late great Edward Abbey published twenty-one books during his lifetime (two posthumously). Both The Monkey Wrench Gang and Desert Solitaire have gone on to become what the author always dreaded "classics" and have now each sold more than one million copies each.

2008. Hardcover-5th printing365pp. ISBN: 094268818X. Black cloth with silver stamped title on front board and backstrip. Fine/Fine. [14193] New. $30.00

The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing ~ Katie Lee


Katie Lee was the first person with the guts to record my 'Gallo del Cielo' song.

She is an un-equaled storyteller, one of our most important folk singers for the last seventy years, and a writer-activist who has always been on the front lines of the vanishing West. She rode the rivers, and has lived what others only dream of. To read Katie Lee is to read great and true history not besotted with the bullshit of academic historians. There out to be a statue of her in front of the Cowboy Hall of Fame. And, hell, the Smithsonian." - Tom Russell, 120 Songs of Tom Russell.

2014. Paperback-1st Edition-253pp. ISBN: 9780942688870

Photographically illustrated wraps. [39536] New. $25.00

Book Collecting - The Last Refuge of the Illiterate

Charles Bowden

Originally conceived for, and given as a talk by Charles Bowden at the grand opening of Ken Sanders Rare Books in downtown Salt Lake City, August, 1996.

2005. First Edition. Paperback. [6638] $50.00

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