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Treasure Mountain Home: Park City Revisited        

George A. Thompson and Fraser Buck


This entertaining book tells the history of Park City, Utah from its first days as a frontier mining camp to its present status as one of America's premier winter-sports havens. Between these two incarnations the famed "treasure chest of the Wasatch" was home to breeds of people and ways of life as extinct today as the mechanical dinosaurs that litter the hillsides around the town, reminding visitors of her origins. 

Paperback - 141 pp. Illustrated with black & white photographs.

2014. Revised edition. ISBN: 9780942688894. [2234] New. $25.00

Some Dreams Die Utah's Ghost Towns and Lost Treasures. 

George A. Thompson


The is the latest edition of George Thompson's classic work on Utah ghost towns and lost treasure. Over 400 Utah ghost towns are covered and hundreds more lost treasure tales are told. Illustrated with 120 historical photographs and a dozen maps. Each chapter is arranged geographically for each section of the state and includes a general locater map. Some Dreams Die has been regularly selling online for $100 a copy and up!

This is your chance to order an affordable edition.

2006. Paperback-11th Printing. ISBN: 0942688015. [8595] New. $25.00

Faded Footprints: The Lost Rhoades Mines

and Other Hidden Treasures of the Uintahs

George A. Thompson


The latest edition of George Thompson's classic work on Utah's most famous lost gold mine: The Lost Rhoades Mine. Mormon Gold? Lost Spanish Gold? Sacred Indian Gold? Fairy tale or myth, Thomas and Caleb Rhoades, Brigham Young, Chief Walkara and others all play a role in this granddaddy of all of Utah's lost mines and treasures. Illustrated with B&W historical photographs on nearly every page, with 19 treasure maps and diagrams. Famous treasure hunter Mel Fisher even came to the Uinta Mountains with George Thompson to search for the this treasure. Learn the stories of old Mormon gold allegedly mined for the benefit of Brigham Young and the Mormons; the secrets of the Carre-Shin-Ob or the lost gold mine of the Ute Indians and Chief Walkara; and the tales of Spanish gold and treasure buried in the Uintas. Faded Footprints has been regularly selling online for $100 a copy and up! This is your chance to order an affordable edition.

2006. Paperback-11th Printing. ISBN: 0942688376. [8596] $25.00

Mondo Utah: A Collection of Extreme Weirdness from the Land of Zion. 

Trent Harris


Mondo Utah is a collection of some of the state of Utah's finer examples of weirdness, published in a professional and respectable manner, by filmmaker Trent Harris.

To the sober observer there seems to be a remarkable amount of strangeness packed into this sparsely populated state. Mad polygamists, lingerie cults, fishmobiles, and even UFOs buzz around a landscape many say resembles the planet Mars.

Trent is also the film maker of "Rubin and Ed" and "Plan 10 from Outer Space."

2006. Paperback-2nd Printing. ISBN: 0942688112. [2233] New. $15.00

Utah - Gateway to Nevada

Tim Kelly, Neil Passey, Mark Knudsen


One of the earliest publications from Dream Garden Press, this is an illuastrated, satirical book about the state of Utah and its colorful history. Full of irony and humor, this is a classic Utah publication created through the collaborative efforts of photographer Tim Kelly and artists Mark Knudsend and Neil Passey.

Passey was an outstanding poster artist for many of the rock concerts that held in Utah.

"Gateway editors have striven to make your short visit to this state as comprehensible and bearable as possible."

1984. Paperback. ISBN: 0-942688-05-8. Used-limited copies available. $15.00



Beer in the Beehive State - A History of Brewing in Utah

Vance Del

356 pages. Oversized soft cover filled with photographs, diagrams, labels, letters, advertisements, and much much more! "From fires and avalanches to con men and murderers, Beer in the Beehive covers them all. Here we offer an in-depth, often humorous look at Utah's rich history of brewing - from the earliest Mormon-owned breweries to today's modern brewpubs, with tales of sharpshooters, badgers, and even haunted gravesites in between. Beer brewed from beets? A brewery powered by steam locomotives? Budweiser brewed in Salt Lake City? 'This is the place' for answers."

2008. Paperback. ISBN: 0942688988. Book Id: 14299. Second Edition. New. $25.00



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