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HISTORY:  Dream Garden Press was founded in 1980 by Ken Sanders to publish regional books about Utah and the Intermountain West. In the 1980s DGP also published an annual Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendar, and a multitude of other wilderness & National Parks calendars.

Early book publications included Footprints in the Wilderness: A History of the Lost Rhoades Mine, The Fiddleback: Lore of  The Line Camp & The Leather Throne, by Owen Ulph; The Gifting Birds, by Charles Jones, Resist Much, Obey Little, some notes on Edward Abbey, Lost Treasures and Mines by George A. Thompson

and and numerous best selling books on popular

Utah history. The Press also issued Utah: Gateway to Nevada, Mondo Utah by Trent Harris and The Mountain Bike Manual by Dennis Coello. Dream Garden Press is best known for The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey, illustrated by R. Crumb. In 1985, for the tenth anniversary of the publication of MWG, Sanders commissioned legendary underground cartoonist R. Crumb to illustrate Abbey’s environmental classic. It was a hit, the book and the R. Crumb t-shirts have been in print ever since.

Roaming the West ~ Since 1980

Watch this 8-minute interview with Ken Sanders, reviewing his passion for books, and Dream Garden Press' R. Crumb illustrated editions of The Monkey Wrench Gang. 

DREAM GARDEN PRESS TODAY: Dream Garden Press continues to publish books that we think matter. Along those lines, we have published Whale Song: A Poet’s Journey into Cancer by the late Kenneth W. Brewer, Poetry Is Wanted Here by sonosopher Alex Caldiero, The Ghosts of Dandy Crossing by Katie Lee, Starlight On The Trails, A Utah Phillips Songbook, and our most recent publication is A Collection of Songs, a songbook by Kate MacLeod. All of the Dream Garden Press in-print titles, and some of the out of print titles are available for purchase.

Dream Garden Press does not accept queries or solicitations for book publications.

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